Compliance Management and Compliance Coach for SME

  • We help you to implement your compliance framework and program
  • We assess your corporate governance structure and compliance processes
  • We review your code of conduct and bench mark with your peer group
  • We facilitate corruption and fraud risk assessment workshops
  • We assist you in transferring compliance knowledge by training your employees and stakeholders
  • We review your whistleblowing mechanism or evaluate hotline providers for perfect match with your company's needs
  • We help you to establish your fraud response process or challenge it (review)
  • We perform GAP-analyses (Fraud and Control Risks, Weaknesses) of your key processes 
  • We review your employee screening and business partner due diligence process or help to implement both

We have supported many companies in the development and global implementation of compliance management programs. Based on a thorough risk assessment we developed codes of conduct, policy and compliance frameworks, built the governance structure of the compliance function, developed monitoring and audit programs and whistle-blowing arrangements but also took care of training and awareness in many languages.

Many companies choose a project approach to set up and implement their compliance program. We advised many companies in this initial stage, bringing practical and hands-on experience to the team working as a consultant. When no internal specialist resources are available, it is sometimes more cost-efficient to work on an interim-basis and manage the entire process.

Compliance coach model for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

One of the pitfalls companies might encounter is that after the initial roll-out, the attention for the compliance topic fades and awareness drops again. Compliance is not a project, it needs continuous attention. To avoid this situation the 4N6 Factory also functions as a compliance coach.

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