Corporate Integrity - Assess your corporate culture and raise awareness

  • We assess your corporate culture, tone at the top and at the middle by setting up and evaluating employee surveys
  • We facilitate interactive integrity workshops and make your employees aware of compliance and ethics issues
  • We conduct interactive Dilemma Games where participants need to decide in dilemma situations, change roles and perspectives and learn to find alternative solutions in dilemma situations they locally face in their daily work
  • We facilitate short interactive break-out sessions for blue collar workers with no access to personal computers to: 
    - help understand the corporate standards;
    - learn to be aware of key compliance risk; and  
    - to recognize fraud red flags in their daily working environment


Corporate Integrity

Building a culture of corporate integrity and making sure that integrity is part of the company’s DNA, requires more than just a compliance management framework. Building awareness, clear communication on expectations and training on company values and legal requirements only are the start. The right tone at the top, and a culture in which people feel free to address compliance issues or report violations are needed as well. In practice, the tone at the top (or the middle) is often perceived differently by the employees. Or the performance measurement and reward systems drive different behavior. Or doing business in other countries simply means playing by other rules.

The 4N6 Factory team has experience in conducting ethical climate studies and development of games to start a dialogue on sensitive topics and look for other solutions.