Investigations - independent, focused, efficient

  • International Partner: Integrity Europe
  • Core 4N6 Factory team is occasionally assisted by national and international network experts in certain areas (IT forensic experts, local lawyers, auditors, tax fraud specialist, sector specialists, local investigators, counterfeiting detection expert, others).
  • We limit our investigation activities on focus areas that make most sense to fulfill the goal of the investigation discussed with our clients (initially or during investigations).
  • We are independent, experienced and reliable.

Independent investigations

In cases of potential fraud or misconduct, we conduct independent investigations. Our certified forensic investigators work according to the standards of the ACFE, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. We work in flexible teams of industry experts and technical specialist. Our reports can be used in cases of legal arbitration.

Standard investigation process:
  • Initial fraud case assessment, determination of investigation goal, strategy and tactics, confidentiality and communications.
  • Immediate actions if needed 
  • In-depth fact finding and background checks (may lead to revision of goal, strategy and tactics)
  • Safeguarding of evidence (IT forensics if really needed and useful / IT data / (original) documents / interviews of key people involved / other)
  • Reporting
  • Recommendations for corrective actions

Investigation support for legal, compliance and internal audit

For most companies, conducting forensic investigations is not their daily business. We support legal, compliance and internal audit functions in setting up their internal investigations and advise in strategic and tactical course of actions. If needed, we support in conducting the investigation under your guidance. Also, we can rely on our network for additional specialist resources.

Fraud response - learning from cases

Companies will always be faced with cases of non-compliance. The challenge is how to deal with them in an effective and efficient way. Evaluating cases – however sensitive this may be – is the first step. We support companies in defining and implementing the next steps (e.g. with fraud response plans, immediate actions, fraud audit programs or training of internal investigators).