Fake or not.

The story behind the ice crystal.

Frozen water comes in many shapes and forms. On the surface, it just reminds us of winter and, this year, maybe even of a visualization of the corona virus. 

The ice crystal in the picture was made by Dr M. Emoto, a Japanese scientist who researched the effect of music and words on water. In his experiments, he first exposed water to music, then froze it and photographed the ice crystal to establish the effect. The picture shows the effects of ‘The Four Seasons - Winter’ by Vivaldi (source: https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/crystal/).

Dr Emoto’s work has been cited on many websites and blogs. However, the scientific basis seems to be very weak. In fact, several websites claim Dr Emoto was a total fraud. His research could not be verified by other scientists and his Doctorate from the Open International University for Alternative Medicine in India, is not more than a website that sells PhD titles for a few hundred dollars. (We checked; the website is not live anymore).

Sometimes, you just cannot take things on face value, only because they might fit your beliefs. Unfortunately, in an era of ‘fake news’ this often seems to be the case.

Based on our investigative work, our suggestion is to look very carefully, beyond the obvious. Be open to different perspectives, consider the circumstances, but stick to the facts. Based on evidence.

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