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But to zoom out again to understand the context is crucial."

Our services

Case Assessments

Reported incidents need to be followed up - rapidly, efficiently and effective.
We support corporate representatives in-charge of case management to professionally assess and evaluate the reports
for proper follow-up.


We conduct independent investigations in the workplace. Experts from the network may occasionally complete our investigationteam. 

Training &Support

We support organizations in developing and  implementing their compliance management systems, conduct employee training and help to assess and improve corporate culture. 


yoke combines a web-based incident reporting tool and a professional case assessment service - into one solution.
Visit www.yoke.report

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"We are not only investigating fraud and corruption cases. More than 50% of the incidents we dive into were HR cases such as mobbing, sexual harassment and other misconduct !"

Lukas Fischer, 4N6 Factory Partner

Hotline, Case Assessment and Investigation Support
in one solution

"Need a hotline service but no resources to assess reported incidents?"  Try www.yoke.report


Our Team

Get in contact with us. Dial +41 44 340 15 25.

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