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4N6 Factory and NAC Services merged as per 1th of July 2024 and now operate under 2Pipl, located in Zurich.

Lukas Fischer, Owner and Partner

More information see: www.2pipl.ch.
How we work

Digging deep, listening attentively, adopting healthy skepticism, investigating professionally and showing empathy. This is what we do.

We are a network of experienced forensic professionals who investigate, receive and manage white collar crime, bullying & harassment and other workplace misconduct.

Our Services

Forensic Investigation

Investigation Support

We investigate independently, support you in choosing the right strategy and tactics, coach or complement your investigation team.

Hotline & Case Management

Compliance Helpdesk & Whistleblowing Hotline

With our Compliance Helpdesk platform, we provide your employees with a professional whistleblowing hotline and helpdesk. We assess incoming reports and help you with the follow-up and the case management.

Compliance Helpdesk Screenshot


Whistle-blowing Hotline Partner

Screening / Background Checks

Pre- and In-Employment Screening

Whether members of the board of directors, executive management or other important functions in the company. We screen candidates. So that you do not experience any surprises.

Unfair treatment in the workplace

HR-Case & Conflict management

Sometimes the chemistry between team members just isn't right. We help resolve conflicts. And where things go very wrong and people are bullied, discriminated, harassed and treated even worse, we sort things out with healthy skepticism and empathy.